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Modification and Analysis of IBM Decision Optimization Center Client Data in Microsoft Excel

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Bi-directional data transfer between the IBM Decision Optimization Center Client application and Microsoft Excel

  • Simple data selection, „one-click“ data transfer in both directions
  • Transfer of data and meta data
  • Selection of cells, views or complete scenarios

Powerful data modification functions in Microsoft Excel

  • Modification on aggregated levels, automatic re-distribution
  • Fixing of single values and totals
  • Data adjustment in interactive graphics

Extended data analysis functionality in Microsoft Excel

  • Generation of custom tabular representations with grouped and aggregated data
  • Support of formulas allowing data comparisons with the reference scenario
  • Automatic report update for custom tabular data representations
  • Drill down in editable Microsoft Excel Pivot

Offline working mode possible

  • Working in Microsoft Excel without an IBM Decision Optimization Center Client session, also in combination with remote desktop software
Planning Plugin

Data modification applying a percentage

Planning Plugin

Custom tabular representation with attached chart